This musical is AMAZING!!!!! I never stoped having goosebumps during the 2 hours of the show, that must mean something good pretty GOOD, my favorite of course Ricky Martin (Incredible talent) but Elena Roger also amazing performer just saw it on Jan the 22/13 and looking up for a ticket to see it again before it ends. YES it's that GREAT!!!!! I came at a perfect timing to NY to see this musical.

All my Guatemala friends hate me know because I got to see it ,o well it was totally worth it :D.

Leslie Paniagua  from  Guatemala

Go see this show before it closes!!!!!
Ricky Martin I love you ........ You are amazing in this role
Elena signing Buenos Aires .......... I wanted to be there
I would see this show again and again

Kim Riley  from  Grand Cayman

i saw evita troday on 1-19-13 the people evita is closing on 1-26-95 you should go see the show i loved it the music and the dancing and the actress who played eva did a very good job it was a very nice musical i ,love the movie and i love the musical

corinne  from  staten island ny

I loved the show you guys were all fantastic Thursday night. Ricky Martin you did a great job on the money kept rolling. Elena Roger you had a great voice when you were singing Buenous Aires, and don't cry for me Argentina. Micheal Cerveris you did amazing on singing shes a diamond. Max great job on singing on this night of a thousand stars. Rachel Potter you did fantastic on singing another suitcase in another hall. Ava Riley you did an amazing job on singing Santa Evita. Thank you for the autographs Max, Ava, Michael, and Elena. I was looking forward to getting Ricky, and Rachel's autographs

Robert Molinari  from  Bridgewater NewJersey

I can't even put into words how much I adored this show. Elena Roger was so phenomenal as Eva, she has the most amazing presence and energy. I listen to the album every day and the ending still makes me cry. So, so breathtaking. A true work of art. Go see it before it closes!!!!!!

Elizabeth  from  Long Island

Saw the matinee on Sat., Oct. 20th. Was absolutely blown away by the breathtaking performance of Laurel Harris as Eva. I understand it was her first time on as Eva. She was amazing, like she had done it 100 times. Hope she gets more opportunities. She's so beautiful and brings not only phenomenal singing and dancing to the role, but SO much expression. Just a stunning performance in a moving and beautiful show.

Bob  from  Raleigh, NC

Saw the show on Saturday, October 13th and it was a fantastic decision. Elena Roger is at the top of her game, strutting about as a young Eva Duarte and eventually transitioning into the iconic Spiritual Leader of the Nation of Argentina. Ricky Martin's Che is a fresh take, and it works. Michael Cerveris also breathes new life into the role of Juan Peron and knows exactly how to bring tears to the eyes. Max Von Essen is a charming vocalist as Magaldi, and Rachel Potter's heartbreaking "Another Suitcase In Another Hall" has the power to floor you. The talented ensemble doesn't miss a beat as they dance and sing their hearts out. This show deserves a lengthy run, indeed.

Adam  from  Myrtle MS

Fantastic Show!!!!

LeighAnn Pruiksma  from  Atlanta GA

I just got back... the show was wonderful. Elena, Ricky, Michael, and Max are all great. The costumes, sets, and music are gorgeous. Go see it.

Maria Johnson  from  New York

Loved this performance. Saw the stage performance many years ago and have always loved the musical score, but Elena's performance as Evita was so authentic and wonderful, I was in awe of her performance. Ricky Martin and Michael Cerveris were also outstanding ... And the story of the Perons remains a hauntingly evocative dichotomy - through the voice of Che and the adoration of the Argentine people. Fabulous.

Elizabeth  from  Melbourne, Australia

I live in Brazil and I went to NY only to see Ricky Martin on Evita because I'm a big fan of him. I was in a second row seat and I loved the show. The whole cast is amazing and talented. Before Evita where was Elena with her perfect voice? And Michael and Ava so cute!!!
I came Ricky Martin's fan and exit fan of whole Evita cast. I want see again!!!

Claudia Yone  from  São Paulo, Brazil

Having seen this production 5 times. I love it every time I see it. I always get a front row seat. I am totally absorbed every time I see it. I have need a fan since the 70's. Elena and Michael are always at the top of their game. Being so close I love watching their faces and eyes. When she sings "most of your generals wouldn't be recognized by their own mothers". Her eyes flash. It is incredible ! Buenos Aires is a great number ( finally time for applause). Michael is just superb as Peron. He has a spectacular voice and such a presence on stage. Max is fantastic as Che and Magaldi. I have seen Christina as Eva she was excellent Rachael is so wonderful as the mistress her song kills me every time she sings it. The ensemble is so so so fantastic all during the show you can see their despair , hopefulness. You know that these people are struggling for a better life. You can just read their life stories in their faces and how they interact with each other in stage. Awesome !! Kristen's orchestrations are so wonderful. I will be back again and again

Sean Sanborn  from  Cos Cob,CT

I come on Broadway on October 16 th to see Evita. I' m very excited to see this show because I'm fan of Ricky Martin and I love Evita's story. She was a great women with Argentine people. I bought CD and I listen it every day because voices and music are wonderful. See you soon.

Odile HAINAUD  from  Volesvres (France)

Buenas tardes: Quisiera felicitar las actuaciones del elenco.
Mi sorpresa fue la actuación de Ricky Martin y su carisma.
Mi orgullo la fuerza escénica de Elena Roger, a quien tuve la suete de ver en Piaf, en la cartelera porteña, y no podía dejar de verla en mi visita a NYC.
A ella mi cariño y a todos mis respetos y felicitaciones.
Saludos cordiales, Fernando

Fernando  from  Argentina

I've been waiting to see this musical for 6 years since I knew about the London production. I am too young to have seen the first production but I've seen the movie.. This production is much better than the movie! Totally would see it again so much to look at and see especially during the dance numbers. I understand Michael Grandage's vision for this and like it-- its very dark, earthy, and natural. Not your typical Broadway Blockbuster! Elena Roger's performance so great-it's real, raw, spunky, and different kinda like how the real Eva Peron was. I love her accent too! Her voice sounds like a singer from the 30's and 40s, not a typical broadway princess voice. It's great! I couldn't stop watching her plus shes a FIERCE dancer. Ricky's got a different take on Che makes Che adorable which is fun to watch. Cerveris is awesome as usual makes Peron not such an empty suit. Max von Essen does sound like a Cabaret singer from the time, he's so good. I didn't see Rachel Potter (I went on 8/31/12) but her understudy was just as good. The dancing is fierce as is the company. The music is more authentic has a Latin beat to it. If you love classic Broadway with a new twist and Andrew Lloyd Webber go see it!

Samantha  from  Washington, D.C.

Love to see this show in Los Angeles! I've seen the movie with Madonna and Antonio Banderas but I really wanna see this on stage at the Pantages or Ahmonson Theater someday.

Rebecca Mackey  from  california

Espectacular! Great voices! Incredible show! Te hace sentir una mezcla de emociones. Vale la pena asistir. Felicitaciones! Congrats!

andrea beteta moreno  from  Guatemala

I saw a performance of Evita on Monday, August 13th 2012. Ricky Martin.... Bravo! Ditto Michael Cerveris.. and Christina DiCiccio was breathtaking as Evita. I was moved emotionally.. I cried . I laughed. I enjoyed. I'm a teacher of English and performance as well as a writer anne I know fantastic work .. This is it. As I survivor of stage foyr cancer, I know genuine emotion.... These wonderful people delivered this. Awesome... I'm going to display the program in my classroom!

Manuel Halkias  from  Canton, Ohio

vimos la obra a mediados de junio, EVITA es mi musical favorito y la producción es excelente, Elena Roger maravillosa, Michael Cerveris estupendo y Ricki Martin cumple con la espectativa, el cd maravillo, espero tener la oportunidad de verla nuevamente, mas apegada a la pelicula que a la puesta orginal, pero no pierde el encanto y la magia de una obra maestra de RICE Y WEBER, si eres amante del buen teatro no debes perdertela

oscar corvacho g  from  mexico city

My dad and I attended a matinee performance of EVITA on Saturday, August 4th, 2012. EVITA is by far my favorite musical (it's safe to say that I'm obsessed with it), and I had extremely high expectations. But of course, I wasn't disappointed! Ricky Martin was fantastic, as well as Michael Ceveris and the entire ensemble. Eva was played by Christina DiCiccio for my performance, and I admired her perspective of the character and the way she acted it out. I do want to return however to see Elena Rogers' take on the role! May I just comment that the CD is epic! It's like listening to the show over and over again. EVITA es muy fantastica!

Morgan  from  Schuylkill Haven, PA

I went to see this incredible production of EVITA on Friday, July 27, 2012. It was outstanding to see three great artistic talents of Ricky Martin, Elean Roger, and Michael Cerveris bring this production to such heights of excitement of the Life of Eva Peron. This talent brought the rest of the cast and audience to the life of Eva Peron. A special note to Ricky Martin, its was so good to see you after these years. I am so proud of you. Much blessings to the entire cast and keep Broadway alive with such great talent. Love you all.

Peter Penton  from  New York

Ver Evita en New York, fue una emoción muy fuerte.. Ver nuestra bandera en el escenario es fuerte y hasta alguna lágrima cae.. Que hablar de nuestra "Gran Elena Roger" es lo más!!! está fantástica.. es una grande con todas las letras, Ricky Está genial, brilla en su papel y Michael es uno de los mejores "Perón" que he visto.. Es un espectáculo para recomendar y me encantaría poder verlo también en nuestro país alguna vez. Y la música es fantástica al igual que la puesta.

Gabriel  from  Buenos aires, Argentina

I saw EVITA on 5/4 with Elena Roger. She was increadable i went all the way to NYC to see the show and when i heard it was Elena i went nutts with planning. The acting was increadable. I can truly say E VITA has changed my life and seeing Elena preform and reading storys of how she became a actress gave me the confidence to persue my dream and passion as she and the rest f the cast have done. Im 15 and Eva Peron has become a huge part of my life because of the preformance.

Justine  from  Kelso, Wa

I saw the show on 7/12 with Christina DeCicco on for Elena Roger, although I was dissapointed not to see the headliner, I was completley amazed by Ms. DeCicco's breathtaking performance as Eva. I believe the entire show was overall the best I have seen in live musical theatre, the sets, the lighting, the music, the acting, the dancing! Fabulous cast and an amazing show that I wish I could see again and again! Don't miss this iconic musical revival!

Evan McCarthy  from  Fort Lauderdale, Florida

nací en Argentina, vivo en México desde hace 20 años y durante todo este tiempo EVITA estuvo en mi corazón y una manera de estar cerca fue ver todas las versiones de la comedia musical en el mundo. Sinembargo esta puesta en escena es sublime. Elena Roger fue, es y me atrevo a decir, será la mejor EVITA que vi. Gracias por regalarnos este espectáculo maravilloso, antes de fin de año volveré a Broadway a verla nuevamente

Alejandro Di Grazia  from  México

I watched this a month ago and I'm still in awe. I'm 15 so initially I wasn't too keen on watching it but my parents forced me. I saw the guy from Ugly Betty there (Michael Urie). It was pretty exciting and made my stay in New York THAT much better. I bought the CD and I'm reliving those memories right now! Viva le Peron.

Chavara Naidoo  from  Durban, South Africa

I have seen Evita , although not this version, it is one of my favorite plays. But, the reason I am writing is last night, 7/9, my daughters were in NYC, with my 6 grandchildren, my oldest granddaughter Stephanie, who is 18 and has Down Syndrome has been in love with Ricky Martin, for as long as I can remember. There was a crowd waiting by the stage door and Stephanie heard that Ricky was coming out that door and she didn't want to leave, so they waited, the security guard let her see Ricky's car and he opened his car window smiled and she went over to the car and he gave her a kiss , told her that she was beautiful and gave her an autograph . She was so excited that she cried , she was so happy . THANK YOU, THANK YOU ,THANK YOU, Ricky for making her dream of meeting you a reality, it is something I am sure she will never forget. You are truly a very caring , loving person and really care about children. May God bless you and your two beautiful boys. Much love to you Ricky, I could never thank you enough.
Love Margaret

Margaret Thurston-Bracket  from  Delray Beach, FL

I had the pleasure of seeing "Evita" on June 16th and it was an amazing show! The sets, choreography, and orchestrations were fantastic. Max von Essen was great as Migaldi, and Rachel Potter's cameo as Perón's mistress was delightful. Michael Cerveris provided a sense of stability and realism with his portrayal of Perón. Ricky Martin was just wonderful as Ché. Sexy, sharp, and charismatic, Martin glided effortlessly from scene to scene. Elena Roger as Eva Perón was powerful, commanding, and gritty. Roger's Eva had balls, determination and drive. Underneath the mania, though, there was a vulnerability that washed over her character and drew you to her. "Evita" is not a show to be missed. You, too, will be swept away by the cult of personality that seduced a nation, and you will feel the tragedy that engulfed them both.

Richard  from  Martinsburg, WV

Fantastic show. Elena Roger is amazing in the role of Eva Peron. Ricky Martin and Michael Cerveris are all right too, but for me Elena is the star in the show.
One of the best shows I've ever seen!!!


Morten Aagaard  from  Aarhus (Denmark)

I was taken to see EVITA for my 21st Birthday (Thurs 21st June) - I was ridiculously excited because to get the chance to see this show on Broadway was pretty unreal for me. I was knocked out by this show. Firstly, I have to mention the chorus - I'm by no means an expert - but they were seriously the best I have ever encountered, every single move was so slick & together - they had such power! Then of course there was Mr Martin - he's such a magnetic performer, everything Che should be. Michael Cerveris was just stunning as Peron. And then there's Elena Roger. I'm kind of crazy about this lady. The best Eva there is. Full stop. Every aspect of her character was electric. She really shines, you cannot help but be drawn right into every second of her performance. I travelled a long way to see this show & it was better than I could have ever imagined. The set, the production, the direction - everyone involved should be so proud. Thank you for making my birthday the best ever

Sarah  from  Truro, Cornwall, UK



I get watch show eight times a week and I still cannot get enough of it. I love going tho work,if you can call it that. It gets better and better woop woop

nancy diaz  from  new york,ny

I'm a DIE-HARD fan of Ricky Martin, went to NYC last week to see Evita, and I am amazed and fell like walking on the clouds! The scenario is envolving and the arts are impressive, it really looks like we're seeing South American constructions. Elena has an incredible strenght, Christina has a soft and truly beautiful voice (I've seen 2 spectacles, each with each Evita) !! Ricky Martin, wow, he rocks as lovely expressions and great dancing! The spotlight by himself! Perfect singer.......... I cried A LOT in many parts!!! And Evita's gow when she becomes the president's lady....WOW........take care of it, Evita's backstage staff.... I'd steal it to use it in my wedding, lol!

Priscila Wlossak  from  Sao Paulo / Brazil

Mr. Grandage, you have staged a beautiful musical. It is the first time in my life that I see "Evita" on Broadway and I was greatly impressed. Thank you, specially, for casting Michael Cerveris as Juan Peron. He was absolutely flawless and, days after seeing the show, I still remember his wonderful performance. Everything was beautiful, lighting, sets, costumes, scenes, transitions and the superb work of the musicians and the chorus. I am looking forward to see it again with a different cast, next year.

Lily  from  New York, NY

I just got home from seeing EVITA At the Marquis Theater (June 9, 2012). My spanish teacher took us as a special trip... I can't express my feelings at all! I loved it! The singers, the dancers, the orchestra (I had tingles the whole time), the dress changes (Fav: Eva's "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" dress!)... I can't believe the enormously beautiful thing I have just witnessed. Thank you for my first Broadway show! (:

Sophie Estep  from  Round Top, NY

I just saw Evita this afternoon(June 2, 2012), as a birthday present from my sister because I am a huge Ricky Martin fan!! Evita was STUNNING!! I could hardly stay seated when Ricky first came out on stage; and it was such a thrill to see him live in such an intimate setting. The performances were incredible-both moving and passionate. I have seen many plays on broadway, but Evita tops my list!! I feel so fortunate to have seen Ricky and such a wonderful cast.

patricia  from  Ballston Spa, NY(near Saratoga)

I have seen this show four times and every single time I am blown away. Elena Roger will take your breath away with her portrayal of Eva Peron. She may be small, but don't count her out! She has a presence that is unable to be ignored. Ricky Martin and Michael Cerveris accompany Elena to make up the ultimate cast. If you miss this beautiful revival, you will regret it!

Kaleigh  from  New York, NY

Wonderful Show!!! The cast were absolutely beautiful. I am so glad I did not listen to reviews, Ricky Martin and Elena Rogers were amazing...eventhough critic reported different, we loved how he danced and sang what a beautiful talent . I have seen many broadway shows but this one I strongly recommend. If there's one show you want to see it's Evita.

Noemi  from  San Juan, Puerto Rico

First what must be said, the Music is absolutely fantastic. Elena Rogers had big shoes to fill, as the role of Evita will forever be tied to Madonna and Patti Lupone, but she fills the shoes well and makes Eva Perón come to life. Michael Cerveris fills out the role of Juan Perón better that others who have come before. Ricky Martin steals the show as Che. This show is truly worth seeing.

Steven  from  Pittsburgh, PA

Elena Roger reprises her astounding Olivier Award-nominated performance as Eva Perón. She took London by storm in 2006 with this role and is justly celebrated, with her fierce combination of dynamite energy, buckets of charisma, big voice, terrific dancing and impeccable acting. Michael Cerveris brings unusual depth to the role of Perón. Christopher Oram's beautifully lit sets are beautiful and evoke the real Buenos Aires. This is a first-rate Evita.

Raj  from  London

Phenomenal show! Elena Roger is glowing as Eva Peron. Never has Eva Peron shone as bright on a stage since Patti LuPone. Her acting was simply amazing, each song unraveled a unique and dimensional portrait of a woman who loved her country and the power she held over a nation. Ricky Martin is a great Che, contrary to the banal critic reviews. If there's one show you see on Broadway this season, it's "Evita"!

Ryan  from  New York, New York

I went to see the EVITA show on broadway just for one thing to see Rickie Martin. I made sure that I sat closed to the stage. When I saw him i wanted to cry. I have been a rickie martin fan since he was in the menudo group. What i admired about Rickie is that he has a good heart and every where he goes he shines like a star. Congratulations for the wonderful show. I was dying to take a picture with the evita cast.

yesenia rodriguez  from  bronx, ny

Oh, what a show! EVITA es un éxito arrasador por muchas razones: la electrizante y pegajosa música de Andrew Lloyd Webber, las estupendas letras y rimas de Tim Rice, la dirección inmejorable de Michael Grandage, pero sobre todo, las impactantes y convincentes actuaciones de Elena Roger y Ricky Martin, que ofrecen un par de las mejores interpretaciones y voces de Broadway. En esta noche de mil estrellas, esta es, indiscutiblemente, una de las mejores reposiciones de un musical que creíamos conocer y que hoy por hoy, está mejor que nunca: escenografía, coreografía, orquestaciones y demás etcéteras se conjugan magistralmente para agotar las localidades y garantizar una temporada eterna. Hoy, Argentina no llora, sino festeja por ella: por la nueva EVITA, la nueva sorpresa en taquilla, ¡la nueva Argentina! ¡Tienen qué amarla, tienen qué verla! ¡Todo el elenco lleva en su sangre just a little touch of star quality, una probadita de calidad estelar!


Amazing production with even more amazing actors! Ricky Martin owns the stage! the music is so catchy.. can't wait to go back!!

Yanet Brunet  from  Miami,Fl

We saw Elena's understudy (Christine) play Evita in 4/21 Saturday's matinees showing. They rec'd a standing ovation!! Wonderfully fabulous showing! So glad I did not listen to reviews. Ricky was great...contrary to critic reports, we loved how he smiled and heckled, we preferred this to a stern Che'. Main characters all deserved standing ovation! We sat front row, and were moved to tears by the little girl's song, Peron's tears/amazing voice, and the mistress' exit song. Go see this show, you won't be disappointed. The Understudy performs on Wednesdays and Saturday matinees!!

Laurie Holland  from  Ocean city, NJ

Elena Roger es lo más, canta, baila y actúa como los dioses! Tiene la energía justa para interpretar el papel, el hecho de ser argentina hace que su interpretación de Eva Perón sea correcta. Ricky Martin esta muy suelto en su personaje y canta muy bien. A Michael Cerveris no le ayuda el fisic du roll, es muy bajito y flaco para interpretar a Perón pero su actuación y su voz son maravillosas! Disfruté este show de principio a fin!

Jerónimo  from  Mendoza, Argentina

Truly one of the most magnificant productions I have ever seen live. Ricky Martin gives the performance of the year as "Che", Elena Roger is stunning as "Evita". The sets, the music..a true night of perfection!

Jeff Lahr  from  Sartell, Minnesota

In my humble opinion,Ricky martin ia a natural dancer.As he descrebes in his book,was born to dance and sing.When Ricky Martin dance all over your body and your soul dance.One can not deny that Ricky is totally soul,body and naural sensuality.His not have achieved such great succes in his career,without the connection of music and dance,since Menudo.There will be long time until see someone so full as Ricky Martin.

marcia fortes  from  rio de janeiro

The show was such a bliss. It was a beautiful performance thanks to all the cast members! Elena did a magnificent job playing Evita! I was very happy I got to see her perform. I was SUUUPER excited to watch Evita because I specifically went to see Ricky Martin! And of course he rocked it! =] I want to go to another performance very soon!

Alejandra Colmenero  from  Colorado

Attended the show end of March. The show was so great it seemed to fly by and was over before i knew it. Every set is great, actors even better. We will be back to NYC this summer to see it again!

C. McFarland  from  Chicago

My husband and I saw Evita on Monday, April 16th and fell in love with the
show again. Ricky Martin is Che! The staging is perfection. Elena looks like
an angel dressed in white splendor on the balcony singing to her people.
I've seen many productions and this is a WINNER..........

Carol M  from  Dallas, TX

Espectacular!!!!! El elenco de "Evita" maravilloso. Ricky está increíble, realmente emocionante. Viajé desde España hasta NYC sólo para ver a Ricky y puedo decir que realmente mereció la pena hacer 6000km para verlo. Vi el show del 21 de Marzo, No pude ver a Elena, vi a Cristina y me encantó, una voz espectacular. Y como siempre Ricky se deja el alma en el escenario. Recomendable 100%

Carmen María Corral Téllez  from  Madrid, España.

Awesome , Amazing and all words in between. I saw the original show and this one was just as wonderful. The sets were amazing. The cast was top Notch and Ricky Martin made a Fantatstic Che, Elena Roger was perfectly cast as Evita. Loved the show . Will be going back again I am sure.

Karen  from  Philadelphia, PA

Astounding! Elena Roger is small in stature but HUGE in voice and performance! The best Eva ever! Ricky Martin is the perfect Che, the role was made for him and Cerveris as Peron is pure genius! A truly phenomenal production! VIVA EVITA!

Allan Auld  from  London UK

Evita was great!! The entire cast was amazing but I have to say that Ricky Martin was out of this world, this was a role he was born to play. Elena Rogers was perfect as Eva Peron and Cerevis was fantastic!! The play was great, I truly enjoyed it!! Two Big Thumbs Up!!!!

Veronica Garcia  from  San Francisco, CA

I attended 4 shows during the first week of previews. Loved every second! Ricky Martin as Che is awesome, his voice so wonderful and I adored the humour in the character! The entire cast, set and show, a pure delight. 4 shows was not enough...I will be back!

Carol  from  Nr. Bournemouth, England

Elena Roger is truly astonishing as Eva - A star turn and then some!

Dan  from  Birmingham, UK

Awe Inspiring! Roger is a Broadway's new force to be reckoned with... Cerevis brings to the stage his reliable brillance and Martin... Ricky Martin welcome back to Broadway! .. .this is were you belong, ..outstanding! Can't wait to see it again!

Patrick Wilson  from  Toronto

Saw the first preview and was blown away!!! the entire cast was PHENOMENAL Elena was sensational with such a strong triple threat!!! Rachel has a gorgeous voice!!! also, the set was one of the best Broadway sets ive ever seen!! overall, fantastic production and i hope it runs forever!!!

Drew Koon  from  Lakeland,FL

Awesome production- the set and costumes are insane!!

Michael  from  Brooklyn

I've waited years to see this on stage - so glad it lived up to my expectations! A top-notch big Broadway production. Ricky Martin sounds and looks lovely. And Elena Roger gives her Evita a staggering passion. Don't miss this one!

Marisa  from  Easton, PA

What a BEAUTIFUL production!!! Elena Roger was a commanding Eva and Ricky Martin was amazing. His singing and dancing was fantastic. Loved this show!

Josh  from  Springfield, NJ

The talent and energy on that stage is enormous. A breathtaking revival of one of Broadway's greatest musicals. In a word- GREAT.

Rebecca  from  New York

It was an honor to be able to attend the first preview show of Evita on March 12, 2012. WOW Ricky Martin in a different light but still the same charming performer. He outdid himself in this acting roll, WOW ... bravo Ricky! The dates are selling like hotcakes! I have tickets to return for shows on July 13 and 2 on July 14th. What a great birthday gift! Thank you ;)

Veronica Sanchez  from  Phoenix, Arizona

I absolutely "High Flying Adored It" and you will too! You'll be "Rainbow High! "

Guy Halliday  from  Patterson , NY

This core shaking musical took my breath away as soon as Che appeared. Ricky Martin's fabulous performance will be unforgettable.

Madeline G  from  Denver, CO

An incredible production of EVITA! Elena Roger is simply amazing. She gives a powerhouse performance!

Ann  from  New York